What we’re praying for…

What who we’re praying for.

You may have seen what I did there, it was on purpose to make a point about prayer. It’s not so what we’re praying for, so much as it is who we’re praying for.

In our two-part series on prayer this winter we are going to see that prayer is our expression of trust in God that He is sovereign and gracious. That is, God is in control of all things, and He is all good. We pray (ask) to Him, because we rely upon Him, having a right relationship with God through the gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ.

Also, and here’s my point in this article, prayer is not so much about what we pray for, but who we pray for.

Yes we pray for rain, I grew up on a farm and most Grinters are farmers today – me excluded. But we ultimately don’t pray for precipitation to fall from the sky so that wheat can grow to produce grain – we’re actually praying for God to provide for people.

So having said that, here are some people we are praying for…

We received a request for prayer via one of our Communication Cards at our gathered worship on Sunday, and it reads: “My health, our health as uni students. We are all on edge, and whilst I have the Lord Jesus – not all do. It’s the last week of uni before exams, please pray.”

So we pray.

We’re not just praying for the semester, or exams, or for Red Bull to get uni students over the line. We’re praying for all students, that God would provide healthy habits of study, sleep, eating and learning. Exams are a great way of consolidating learning. Moreover though, we’re praying for uni students at La Trobe Bendigo, and students everywhere, that they would have the Lord Jesus as their final examiner – who yet also took the final exam of judgement for them.

What we’re praying for? Students, we’re praying for you.