Where does my confidence rest?

Where does my confidence rest? Although Christians are those who are saved and righteous in Christ alone, we know the right answers – at least to tell others, we also secretly take pride in status and personal achievements. We compare ourselves with the shortcomings of others that seem so obvious to us. We feel secretly superior, yet this ironically adds to our own insecurity.

You know what life is like, you think you’re doing well until you see on social media a post, a picture, a comment or something from someone who seems more beautiful, more witty, more special, more significant than you – and you end up losing every time. But we need to remember, and perhaps you need to know for the first time, that your significance is not found there.

Rather, count it all as loss for the sake of knowing Christ Jesus as Lord. Everything else will beat you up on the inside again and again, whereas Jesus will keep you safe and rejoicing again. That is the message we heard on Sunday from Philippians 3:1-11.

Where does your confidence rest? Don’t be self-righteously confident when it comes to your salvation, don’t be fake-confident in the flesh, be Christ confident and be free.