Where to for Reforming Church?

Every page points to Jesus, and so does every providential moment God gives us. As we continue in our Old Testament Overview series, we’re also facing some challenges as a congregation – we are in need of a permanent place to meet in.

In the short-term we are temporarily going to gather on Sundays at the Quarry Hill Hall, and our last Sunday Service at BSE College is on this coming Sunday, March 26th. The next Sunday (April 2nd), you’ll find us at the Quarry Hill Hall.

This is all coming together as we come to hear from 2 Samuel 7, where King David wants to build a house for God but God says it’s actually the other way round. David wants a permanent place for God’s ark and presence, but God says, “Would you build me a house to dwell in?” (2 Samuel 7:5).

When we care so much for buildings, God doesn’t. When we face challenges of finding a place for gathered worship, God is not challenged. When we want to do all the building and striving, we need to see that God is the one who does all the work for us. It is God who will build a house, a dynasty, a kingdom in David’s line, and we trace that line to Jesus and see why we need a king like Him.

We need a king like Jesus, especially when we feel like we don’t have anywhere to call home in this temporary place, we need to see that Jesus kingdom is so out of this world that it makes all our challenges fade in the presence of His glory.

Do stay tuned to hear where we end up meeting as a congregation, but moreover, stay tuned to God’s word the Bible – for there we see every page points to Jesus.

Find us for the last week at Bendigo South East College this Sunday, 10.30am in the Theatre Auditorium on Ellis Street, all are welcome!